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A Lesson (Re) Learned in an Unlikely Place

July 30th, 2014 by Cindy - No Responses
*Disclaimer: This post is not supported or endorsed by Restoration Place Counseling or by any political candidate or committee. It is simply personal reflections of the author.

What do political campaigns and counseling ministries have in common? Perhaps not much in the grander scheme of life, but in my little world, I see a strong similarity, at least in the political campaign and counseling ministry that I’ve experienced up close and personally.

I recently had the privilege of taking part in a grassroots effort to elect my friend and former pastor Mark Walker as the Republican candidate vying for the NC 6th Congressional District seat of the House of Representatives. The News & Record called it an “improbable run,” referring to the fact that Walker declared his candidacy early last year, before the 15-term incumbent had even announced his retirement. At that time, Mark was still in the role of Associate Pastor of Worship at my church with no political experience and only a small initial base of support.

With my friend Cindy Boger (right) at the campaign office on Election Day.

With my friend Cindy Boger (right) at the campaign office on Election Day.

This is the point at which I can relate.

Almost 10 years ago, I began my own “improbable run.” I wasn’t announcing my candidacy for a political campaign, but I was announcing the start of a journey that seemed just as unlikely for success. Barely finished with my master’s degree in Christian counseling, I had already begun the process of forming a nonprofit ministry that would provide professional counseling services for women at significantly-discounted costs. Like Mark, I had little “direct” experience…in counseling or in creating and running a nonprofit! There was a select group of close friends and family who believed in the vision God had given me, and they formed my “initial base of support.” Still, in the bigger picture, I’m fairly sure most people thought I was nuts.

I haven’t asked him, but I wonder if Mark, like me, often got “that look” from others in the beginning–you know, the one that communicates, “I want to say I think it’s a great idea what you’re doing, but really, I think you’ve lost your mind!”

And maybe we did both “lose our minds,” but maybe that’s what has to happen for one to step out of the calm stream of perceived security and into the roaring rapids of God’s grand adventure. Considering the huge momentum that built and the miracles (including a landslide victory) that happened around Mark’s campaign, and considering that RPC has arrived at its 10th year of operation and experienced exponential growth even through the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, I can arrive at only one conclusion:

If God has purposed, He will provide.

And so, that is my “lesson learned,” though I must admit, it isn’t the first time I’ve learned it (and I doubt it will be the last). However, finding myself facing a huge mountain of fundraising needs so that RPC can make it to year 11, I confess that my faith has been faltering a bit. I can easily forget this simple truth. Even in writing about it now, I am reminding myself anew: God will provide for that which He has purposed.

“… and He makes everything work out according to His plan.”
(Ephesians 1:11b, NLT)

If you believe in God’s purpose for Restoration Place Counseling — to provide affordable and professional Christ-centered counseling services to girls and women in need — and you believe God has called you to be a vessel of His provision for this purpose, take a moment to visit our Mountain Movers Club Donation Page.

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