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Have You Heard?

March 12th, 2012 by Cindy - One Response

Have you heard that Restoration Place Ministries is the place for women to find healing for their hearts and strength for their souls?!

Just recently a client shared the following story with me. Let’s call her “Jane.” Jane was having coffee with a friend. We’ll call her friend “Jill.” So, Jane and Jill were meeting because of a common ministry they are to be involved in at their church. They’ve known each other for years. However, they’ve just recently begun sharing on a deeper level. During their coffee conversation, Jane casually mentioned Restoration Runway (you know, that little event we’ve been talking up the past several months) to Jill. Jill asked Jane how she’d heard about the event. And that is when Jane decided to reveal that she is actually a client at RPM. At that very moment, Jill’s mouth dropped completely open and she exclaimed, “I am too! How cool is that?!!”

The ladies shared their stories with each other and how God is taking each one’s mess and making it her message. Jane went on to write in the email through which she was relaying this account to me: “I believe God wants to use our messes to become a testimony of His faithfulness in our lives. I am such a mess right now, but I know that He is changing me and healing me, and one day I will be able to share my message with others who are hurting. Hopefully, I will be able to encourage them to press on even when the journey is hard.” The truth is, Jane is already encouraging others in their journeys, as she perseveres in faith through her pain. I know that she has surely encouraged me.

So, if you decide to attend that fashion show Jane and Jill were discussing above, you’ll get to hear other stories just like this one. Stories from women whose lives have been healed and restored through the “hard-work miracles” happening every day at Restoration Place.

Have you heard? Restoration Runway is the event to attend this spring! We look forward to seeing you there!


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One Response to “Have You Heard?”

AnonymousMarch 13th, 2012 at 9:48 pm

I Love it!! Amazing view you have of watching people work through their messes. I can only imagine how inspiring watching the growth can be to those of you who get to witness such miracles. It’s amazing to watch others grow and change. Even more awesome to begin to see the change in yourself. And all you can really say is God is good!!! God is making a change in the lives of many, and we are just blessed to see the glimpses of growth and change in others.

We are so blessed!!! We are also blessed to benefit from your ministry. Thanks to you and the other counselors for being there for others.

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