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Weary and worn-down

August 6th, 2009 by Cindy - No Responses

I’m tired. (Can anyone relate? ) While this is by far the most rewarding journey I’ve ever been on, it is also by far the most difficult. I am currently meeting with about 25 to 27 clients a week, for problems ranging from broken marriages to depression and anxiety to body image and eating disorder issues. These women are absolutely precious, yet they struggle on a deep level to know and believe that they are worthy and beautifully created in the very image of God. I am grateful for the opportunity to provide a safe place for them to come and be real about their deepest wounds, not having to put on a mask that the world so often demands of them.

In addition to counseling, I’m also balancing the roles and responsibilities of Executive Director/Development Director of the ministry. As we (the Board of Directors and I) keep our eyes focused on the vision of growth for RPC, there is so much to accomplish. I have recently had the privilege of meeting with some leaders of other local nonprofits, who have graciously allowed me to “pick their brains” regarding growth, leadership, grant writing, board membership, etc. And while the information I am able to glean is so valuable, I can find myself at the end of the day just a little bit overwhelmed as I consider how to implement it.

However, although I am tired, I also find myself energized by the amazing things God has done this year in and through RPC! We have been overwhelmed by His faithful provision financially, especially in a time of such economic uncertainty. I have seriously been rendered speechless (a rarity for me!!) at the end of each month when our treasurer makes her report. I am amazed by the awesome volunteers God has brought who are so freely giving of their time and talents as board members and also as committee members for an upcoming event that is in the early planning stages (see page 2).

And finally, I am energized by the support that each of you offer, whether through prayer, financial giving, or words of encouragement. I was thinking about a letter I wrote almost three years ago and how it is still so true today. I had shared with you the biblical account from Exodus 17 about the Amalekites’ attack on the Israelites. We learn that Moses enlists Joshua and an army of men to battle against these enemies, while he, along with his brother Aaron and Hur, stand on a hill with the staff of God in his hands. As Joshua fights the Amalekites, he is victorious as long as Moses holds up the staff. As one would imagine, Moses’ arms become too tired to hold up any longer, so Aaron and Hur find a stone for him to sit on. Then they stand—one on each side of Moses—and hold up his arms until sunset. As a result, Joshua and his troops are victorious. Without Aaron and Hur’s faithful collaboration, Moses could not have fulfilled his calling to stand with the staff of God raised in his hands, interceding on behalf of the Israelites until victory was brought. And though I am in no way comparing myself to the position of ministry that Moses filled, I can identify with him in knowing that I am completely unable to fulfill the calling on my life without you—my Aaron and my Hur.

Like Moses, my arms can get very tired as I daily carry these dear women to Jesus. But because of your continued support, I know that I do not walk this road alone. So thank you for being my “Aaron and Hur”. May God bless you abundantly for the blessing you have been and continue to be in my life and the life of the women I serve!

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