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Phone Volunteers

Sometimes it has taken a new client referral a long time to recognize that she needs to ask for help in dealing with life’s difficulties. Therefore, the first call is always the most crucial. Because counselors and interns are providing services, we do not always have someone available to answer the phone. We want to make sure that each caller is able to talk to a warm and friendly voice and not an answering service message. Would you be willing to help in this most important way?

Time Requirement:
2-hour block of time, once a week

Skills Requirement:
A friendly voice

Substitute Opportunities: If you are unable to commit to a 2-hour block weekly, would you be willing to add your name to a substitute list. We would then contact you periodically to fill in for someone who is sick, out of town, etc.

To Sign Up or For More Information:
Email Heather Oakley or call 336.542.2060 ext. 103

Volunteering at RPC has been a breath of fresh air for me each week! The environment is peaceful and beautiful, and the staff has been a joy to get to know. I always leave encouraged after having been able to tell a desperate woman on the other end of the phone that it is okay if she doesn’t have insurance or cannot afford standard counseling fees. Her needs can be met at Restoration Place Counseling!


Board of Directors, Committee Members, or Expert Guests

The Board’s role is to ensure that Restoration Place Counseling establishes and maintains the trust of the community by being clear in its mission, prudent and ethical in its activities, and accountable for its actions. Our meetings focus on planning, policy-making, and assessing our progress.

A “subgroup” of the Board, committees focus on a specific arm of the business: organizational development, financial stewardship, or fund development. Not all committee members are board members, but all board members serve on one committee.

The full board meets one time per month for regular board meetings. Committees meet at the pleasure of the committee members in order to accomplish certain tasks by established deadlines. Attendance for both entitites is essential to the successful completion of goals.

Time Requirement:
4-6 hours per month, which includes the Board meeting (This is an average and could be a little more or less depending on time of year.)

Skills Requirement:
Qualified men and women with servants’ hearts; individuals with all types of experience to serve in various capacities

Current Specific Needs (for service on the Board, a Committee, or as an Expert for One-Time Planning Meetings):
Business Planning/Staffing
Mental Health/Counseling Field Experience
Human Resource
Non-profit Law

For More Information:
Email Cindy Mondello or call 336.542.2060 ext. 102