Restoration Place Counseling - Dignity, Virtue, Honor

Office Administration

Heather Oakley, Billing Manager/Accounts Payable and Receivable

Heather OakleyHeather Oakley serves as the Billing Manager for RPC, as well as handling all accounts payable and receivable. Heather is primarily responsible for administering all aspects of insurance — verifying benefits, claims submissions, reporting and collection. She also handles all transactions for accounts payable/receivable.

Heather has an Associates Degree in Interior Design from Randolph Community College. She is also a licensed NC Real Estate Agent. Prior to coming to Restoration Place, she worked in many facets of the furniture industry and for a local real estate office as their office manager. In 2011, she attended her first Restoration Runway show and was hooked! In 2012, she volunteered on the fashion committee. After that initial step into volunteering for RPC, she felt a calling to become more involved with this ministry.

Heather shares: “Every woman has a story…some more difficult than others. Restoration Place is unique in their offer of affordable, Christ-centered restoration for women in our community. It is such a welcoming place for the women we serve, the staff and the volunteers who do so much. All the people involved have such big hearts for the ministry and I am thrilled to be a part of it!”

Abbie Daley, Receptionist/Intake Coordinator

AbbieAbbie Daley serves as the Receptionist and Intake Coordinator for RPC. Much of her position consists of scheduling new clients for their first-time appointment. She is also by the phone to answer any question clients may have. In addition, Abbie keeps the office stocked and organized so clients have an inviting environment to receive counseling.

Abbie recently graduated from Messiah College with a Bachelor’s of Science in International Business and a minor in Spanish. She chose to work at Restoration Place because of the affordable opportunity it provides girls and women to realize their true potential and value. Abbie has a heart for creating a safe world for girls and women and plans on working in anti-human trafficking in the future.