Witnessing Renewal - Letters from the Founder of Restoration Place Counseling

Meet Cindy

Executive Director of Restoration Place Counseling

To introduce myself to you in the context of Restoration Place, a counseling ministry for women that I founded in 2005, go back with me for a moment in time to where the story begins.

Starting in early high school and continuing for approximately 15 years, I found myself in the grips of an eating disorder (bulimia), alcohol addiction, and most likely, undiagnosed depression and anxiety. Although at times I wore the mask of perfection and achievement quite well, I was an empty shell on the inside, completely insecure and full of contempt for myself and what I had become.

Until December 27, 1996…when everything changed. That night marks my sobriety date and the beginning of several years of restoration. There were many ways that God began to restore my life but some of the primary vehicles He used were women’s Bible study groups, a very caring and supportive community, and most significantly, the experience of individual long-term counseling with a Christian therapist. It was during this personal journey that I began to sense the deep desire to walk with and encourage other women out of their own personal prisons. I knew if there was hope for me, there was hope for anybody!

So I set out with a passion to help every hurting woman I could find to know that life CAN be better. You see, after being helped so much by counseling, I kind of became the poster child for it…. anytime I heard someone mention any type of struggle, my response would be Have you thought about counseling?!…only to hear the response Yes, but I just can’t afford it.

And that is the truth. Many women cannot afford the help they need to deal with the life issues that are keeping them stuck. So for this problem, I set out to find a solution. And Restoration Place was born–a place where girls and women (ages 12 and up) can receive high quality, professional counseling services for significantly-reduced costs.

This blog is a way of inviting you to join me on this journey…. Thank you for traveling with me.