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Celebrating Masterpieces

February 19th, 2013 by Cindy - No Responses

Webster defines masterpiece as “a person’s greatest piece of work done with extraordinary skill, a consummate example of excellence.”

Each woman who walks through the door at Restoration Place is considered to be a masterpiece. She may be broken by issues such as depression, abuse, or addiction. She may feel as if her life is a mess. But through the affordable and professional counseling offered at Restoration Place, she has the opportunity to discover that she is indeed a masterpiece made in God’s image.

To celebrate and build on the work being accomplished at Restoration Place, we will host an evening of fashion and fine art—Masterpiece of Design—on March 21, 2013, at the Greensboro Country Club. The 4th Annual Restoration Runway Fundraiser will include a first-class runway show, reception, and silent auction. Additionally, this year’s event will feature a live auction of fine art from local artists.

Each year, our event committee outdoes itself, and this year will prove to be no different. Each segment of the runway show will focus on a famous artist, with the particular fashions selected to represent the colors and textures associated with that artist.

But it isn’t just the fashion and art that are masterpieces. We believe the greatest masterpieces of all are the women on the runway. A key element of this event has been to push back against how our culture defines beauty. Our goal is to celebrate the true beauty of all women, no matter shape or size, age or stage of life!

As I’ve shared on many occasions, and even on this blog site, prior to my spiritual awakening and journey through Christian counseling, there was just one word to describe me: M-E-S-S. But the Lord is gracious, and He took the mess of my life and turned it into His masterpiece. Today, that masterpiece is fully realized in the ministry of Restoration Place: a place of hope and healing for girls and women.

Since 2005, we have been providing professional counseling and support services to lead clients into a true understanding of their worth and value as women. Because of the success of our first (2010) and then subsequent Restoration Runway events, the clinical staff has grown from one to seven licensed professional counselors and from about 200 square feet of office space to 2,200 square feet! To date, we have served about 1,200 clients.

We are praying that like previous events, Masterpiece of Design will be a sold-out blockbuster! Below, one of our clients tells of the impact of Restoration Place in her life:

In three months I have gone from the pit of despair to having a peace about my circumstances, despite what is going on around me. My counselor has helped point me toward God who is my Healer, and I have gotten more from my counseling sessions with her than with any other counselor I’ve seen before coming to Restoration Place.

To support Restoration Place by attending the 4th Annual Restoration Runway Event, purchase your tickets online here.


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