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January/February 2009

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“They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.” (Isaiah 61:4)

It’s Saturday afternoon. I’ve just returned from making a house call. One of my clients, a 29-year-old single mom, phoned in desperate need of an intervention after her 10-year-old son erupted in an angry outburst. She was simply in need of some support and asked if we could hold an emergency family meeting. Working together over the past few months, one of our goals has been to train her and her sons in the F.A.M.I.L.Y. Rules program. We spent about an hour this afternoon reiterating the rules, consequences, and rewards of the program and brainstorming some more positive ways for her son to work through his anger. As we wrapped up, she thanked me for making time for her and expressed her appreciation for the support.

I don’t share this story with any boastful intention, but so you can catch a small glimpse of the work that you—through your prayers and financial support—are a huge part of! This woman is not only the mother of two boys, but she is also completing her college degree and working two jobs. To say she is weary is an understatement. Yet, because of your investment in Restoration Place Ministries, she is able to receive ongoing counseling and support. In a few weeks, we will mark the fourth anniversary of the day when I, along with my mentor and a group of friends, envisioned what God was laying on our hearts—a place for weary and worn-out women to come and let Christ “rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places [in their hearts] long devastated” (Isaiah 61:4). Our first priority has always been to provide godly counsel rooted in biblical truth. We’ve also purposed to do so in a way that cost is never a prohibitive factor.

Indeed, one of the primary barriers to receiving mental health treatment is affordable health care. Forty-two percent of the residents in Guilford County (NC) do not have mental health insurance. Of those who do, many have inflated copayments and only a limited number of covered sessions. In 2006, the county Census Bureau reported that 15% (66,786) of its population was affected by depression and 2/3 (44,739) of this number were women who needed treatment. In the past 4 years, more than 160 women have received affordable care through the services at RPM. While this number seems small in comparison, it’s important to note that women who obtain services at RPM receive about six months of weekly one-on-one counseling sessions. We aim to build a solid foundation from which they can then learn to live freely and wholly. Although the industry standard fees for counseling average $100 or more, most clients of RPM (such as the above young woman) pay only $25 per session.

Soon, RPM will be entering its fifth year of operation. You may be wondering, what’s next? Until now, I have worn several “hats”—counselor, director, administrative assistant, and so on. While I would love to think I’m superwoman… I’m not. Continued growth has made the need for more consistent help obvious. So, in the next few weeks, I will be finalizing the process of hiring someone to assist me about 10 hours per week. A long-range goal for the future is to add counselors, so that a greater number of women in the community may be served. My dream is to make Restoration Place Ministries a destination for women. I imagine a beautiful and inviting place where women can come to meet with one of multiple counselors (either for group or individual therapy sessions) who focus on their various needs. A place where their hearts can be healed and their lives restored. I realize this could be several years down the road, but I want to thank you for making the journey with us this far! I am so excited about the future and all that God has in store for us!

Please Pray

  • for the clients of Restoration Place.
  • for Cindy to have wisdom, discernment, strength and energy as she meets with clients.
  • that the Lord would increase the number of friends who financially support Restoration Place.
  • for God’s favor as we pursue grant funding.
  • for the Board of Directors to have wisdom in decision-making, especially in areas of growth for 2009.


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RPM’s New Look

Many thanks go out to Ellen Samuelson for donating her graphic design services to update our letterhead, business cards, and brochures. Ellen designed the original logo in 2005 and graciously agreed to help us update our ministry’s image.

Board of Directors’ News

Restoration Place Ministries is delighted to announce that Kathy Lindner will be serving as the 2009 Board of Directors’ Chair. As a counselor for more than 20 years with exceptional leadership skills, Kathy is uniquely equipped to guide the board into this next season of growth.

Assisting Kathy this year as Vice-Chair/ Secretary will be Andrea Barnes. Her passion for and commitment to the vision of RPM has already proven to be incredibly valuable.

Sally Alexander continues as Treasurer, with the added responsibility this year of working closely with accountants from Bernard Robinson & Co. to complete a financial audit.

Members include Kate Murr, Megan Smith, and Donna Thomas. As always, we continue to look for qualified individuals who would share our commitment to the ministry. If you are interested in learning more about serving on RPM’s board or other volunteer opportunities, contact Kathy Lindner at kacklindner@yahoo.com.

Online Giving: Network for Good

Network for Good is a website where you can make online donations to RPM. The site is secure and meets the BBB Wise Giving Alliance standards for charity accountability. Network for Good retains a very small percentage (4.75%) for its mission of training and supporting nonprofits in fundraising efforts. If you prefer, you can add a tax-deductible 4.75% grant to Network for Good when you check out so that 100% of the donation amount is granted to RPM.

The way it works is simple. Visit RPM’s website (see page 1 for our address) and click on “Donate” in the menu bar. Then click on the “Network for Good” button and follow the site’s navigation. As always, financial gifts can be sent to our mailing address.

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