Witnessing Renewal - Letters from the Founder of Restoration Place Counseling

Spring 2010

July 9th, 2010 by Cindy - No Responses

I loved the beauty of the women on the runway… It highlighted the beauty that God gives us all! It was an excellent evening. Being it was the first fashion show gala, it was extraordinary. You could definitely see God’s hand of blessing on the people and event…. I believe Restoration Place Ministries is a wonderful gift to our community…. I love the idea of the ministry, and my friend has been truly blessed by it…. Powerful and redemptive…

These are just a few of the many positive comments we received following Restoration Runway: Dignity by Design, our first annual fashion show gala held on March 18. Whether through ticket purchase, vendor participation, door prize donation, sponsorship, volunteerism, or prayer, each one of you in some way made this night a huge success!

During the first hour of the evening, guests enjoyed nibbling on hors d’oeuvres, visiting with vendors who showcased their products and services for women, and winning over 50 fabulous door prizes. With almost 250 in attendance, it was standing room only when the show began! In addition to hearing the story of Restoration Place and a testimony from one of our former clients, guests were entertained by a Hollywood-caliber runway production, thanks to Allied Audio/Visual. Twenty-eight models—ages 25 to 75, and petite to plus-sized—took to the runway and wowed the audience with athletic and outdoor fashions, elegant evening couture, and every style in between. It truly was an enchanted evening.

We’re also very pleased to announce that financially, the evening was just as much of a success. Before the party ever started, the event was fully paid for, thanks to our generous corporate sponsors and sponsoring friends (see page 2). Our net profit to date is $18,500. What a blessing! The funds will be used toward larger office space, as the heightened awareness and publicity of RPM’s services has greatly increased the number of calls we are receiving each week. However, I can truly say that even if we had not raised one dime, it would have all been worth it for God showed up in marvelous and mysterious ways. Read how God touched the heart of this model, who also happens to be an RPM client. (Shared by permission.)

I can’t begin to tell you what the fashion show did for me. I almost cried twice as I heard the MC affirm a woman’s beauty from being made in God’s image. And I felt beautiful. I really did. I’ve told people all day how amazing it was. So thank you for letting me participate.

The other great thing about the show was how relaxed you all made it. I think it was [my team leader] who said in our dressing room just before lining up, “You’re not in New York, so go out and have fun with this!” And I did, even though you know how important performance and getting things right are for me! But it was so freeing not to be worried about “doing it right.” And God’s hand was surely in pairing me with [my runway partner]. She mentioned how this was out of her comfort zone, and I told her it sure didn’t show. She said, “Oh, I just try to have a good time when I find myself outside my comfort zone!” What an amazing perspective for me! So I took lessons from the youngster, and her perky walk and smile inspired me the whole night!

So, little did you know that your fundraiser would be so therapeutic for at least ONE of your clients. I surely hope you do it again next year, and while I hope I have “graduated” from therapy by then, I’d LOVE to participate if you have room.