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Why I Have the Best Job Ever

July 17th, 2012 by Cindy - One Response

Today has been “one of those days”… a day that I’ve been allowing the anxiety to win, living in a place of “impending doom”, worrying about a situation that I really have absolutely no control over. You know, one of those days when you might think, “I thought I was PAST this kind of living!!”

And then I opened an envelope that contained a Satisfaction Survey that a client completed earlier today. Being the “boss” (and I use that term lightly!), I have the privilege of reading each survey that is submitted.

In response to several of the survey questions, she wrote–

“It is because of the pay scale (fee scale) that I am able to be in counseling–and, meaningful counseling. I have had two other counselors in my life and neither compare to the healing and guidance I am experiencing here. I am just thankful that I can afford it.

God is at work here…it is my place of peace, safety, and wisdom. It is bringing a better quality of life to me…lessening my fears; teaching me how to be a better friend to myself; and just accepting that the world isn’t perfect…and as hard as I’ve tried in the past, I can’t make it that way!”

You know, something happened after I read these words penned by our client. None of my earlier worry really seemed to matter much. As this client states, I need to accept that this world isn’t perfect (and neither are its inhabitants!)…and I need to quit trying to make it so.

I think if you asked any of us here at Restoration Place, we’d say that we likely gain much more from our clients than they ever gain from us. Why the Lord has allowed me to be part of such an amazing ministry I don’t know. But I sure am glad He did.

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  • DeannaWiseburn

    Amazing, as always. I love how you benefit so much from clients, when we in turn benefit much from those that work there.

    I also like what was said “accepting that the world isn’t perfect, and I can’t make it that way.” Kind of sums up a lot of what was discussed in session today, beautifully. I can’t make the world, or the people I have to interact with Perfect, and I can’t be perfect. But I can accept reality, and work to make it better, and learn not to be as reactive…but to trust God more. And in reality, as always it all comes back to that. Trusting God, believing God, and relying on God.

    Circumstances and people will come and go, and I will always be let down, hurt and disappointed by others. But God doesn’t hurt, disappoint, or walk away…and if I could learn to totally focus on those truths, I would not be pushed around by circumstances. God is always there.

    If there is one thing I really appreciate about restoration place, it is the importance that is placed on God, and really turning to Him. Because ultimately He is all we have. And even when He feels distant, He is there if we will just turn back to Him. And that is something that is reinforced in sessions, without being pushy or avoiding the messy stuff of life…just the honest truth that if we will trust, it will work out.

    I get enough bad christian advice thrown at me on a regular basis, and that doesn’t help, and sometimes I get resistant to hearing God is the only answer….but in my therapy, it’s not like that….its more of a reinforcing what I once knew to be true, but have moved away from in recent years. That God is good even when we don’t understand. And through these reminders I am slowly turning back to God’s word to deal with some of the issues in my life, without guilt for the questions that I don’t understand or the fact that I for a time now have been out of church.