Restoring dignity, virtue and honor to girls and women through affordable and professional Christian counseling

Nine Essentials

Christian Counseling can have many different definitions depending on who you ask. At RPC, we are committed to transparency and authenticity in all things. The following nine principles were developed by the Staff and Board of Directors in an effort to share with you how we view Christian Counseling. This and our Counseling Philosophy describe both our approach and definition of Christian Counseling. 

1.    We are committed to practicing Christian disciplines. Each of us, as counselors and staff, has experienced a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Therefore, our spiritual growth and personal self-care are foundational to our ongoing transformation toward greater Christ-likeness.

2.    We are dedicated to providing a safe and accepting environment. Each person can feel loved, empowered, and encouraged to embrace God’s truth about herself (or himself). Therefore, we offer judgment-free listening and unconditional acceptance as we express God’s truth through counseling.

3.    We are steadfast in our belief that people matter to God. Each person has worth and is uniquely created in God’s image. Therefore, we seek to foster an understanding of God’s purpose and plan for each life we touch.

4.    We believe in an eternal Christian perspective. There is more to this life than what we currently experience. Therefore, we help people to view their present suffering and personal challenges through an eternal perspective.

5.    We are passionate about reflecting God’s love. God delights in each person. Therefore, we demonstrate the unconditional love of God and share the hope and peace that comes from resting in His love.

6.    We are convinced that biblical truth is foundational. The Bible is the source of truth. Therefore, we will skillfully incorporate professional counseling theories and methodologies with a biblical perspective.

7.    We are dependent on prayer to inform our counsel. Prayer provides the connection we all deeply need with our Heavenly Father. Therefore, we will model prayer as an essential component of our counseling praxis and discernment process.

8.    We allow the Holy Spirit to guide each session. The Holy Spirit is the True Counselor who provides comfort, console, and guidance. Therefore, we will invite the Holy Spirit to join our counseling relationship and process.

9.    We believe that healing occurs by God’s Spirit. The Spirit of God has the power to provide authentic healing for our spiritual, emotional, and psychological suffering. Therefore, we will assist each person to trust God and all His resources to know there is hope for their healing.