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Restoration Runway

The History of Restoration Runway

In late 2008, the RPC Board of Directors began having conversations around how we could increase funds raised. We knew God was moving us toward expanding the ministry – but we weren’t sure how or when that could happen. Until this time, small fundraisers such as garage sales and car wash ticket sales had provided the additional revenue we needed to sustain the ministry. The need for something much larger – a signature event – began to be discussed.

Ideas were tossed around. Things like golf tournaments, bowl-a-thons, and road races. Yet, while perhaps money-makers, none of these potential ideas reflected the heart of our mission.

At the same time, one of my best friends had shared with me about a fashion show fundraiser she was involved with in Little Rock, AR. She is a breast cancer survivor and the event raised funds for early detection and research. All the models were survivors and the finale celebrated their individual years of remission. The more I thought about this, the more I could begin to see a connection with the women RPC served.

So, in early 2009, we (the board) began putting together a plan for our inaugural signature event – Restoration Runway, to be held in March 2010. We knew that, according to the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, only 2% of women around the world regard themselves as beautiful. And a whopping 81% of women feel that media and advertising set an unrealistic standard of beauty that most women will never be able to achieve. This enormous pressure leaves women in a state of constant (and exhausting) evaluation of their appearances. Because of this, our goal for Restoration Runway (in addition to raising money) was to dispel the widely accepted myth of our culture that tells women that their self-worth (and their worth to others) is based on how they look and what they weigh. We were aiming to celebrate the true beauty of all women, no matter shape or size, age or stage of life!

This goal will continue to hold true as we begin to plan our 12th Annual Fashion Show to be held on Friday night, September 24, 2021.

Thank you for your support! To God be the Glory!

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This image was in the very first event’s marketing booklet. In the years since, we have grown to an organization of 9 full-time licensed professional counselors. We also have a Receptionist, Billing Administrator, Clinical Supervisor, Business Manager, and Executive Director (Fundraising)!