Billing Specialist

Tamra Forsman serves as the Billing Specialist Extraordinaire at RPC. She has a background in office management for healthcare facilities as well as crisis centers. She understands the complications and the “language” of insurance. She is responsible for all aspects of insurance and billing at RPC.

Tamra uses her in-depth knowledge to help clients understand and navigate the complications of insurance plans so they can focus on their own health and healing.

Tamra has a degree in Psychology from Southwestern University and is the very proud mother of three kids. She and her husband (Todd) spent many years in full-time church ministry and now both feel that counseling is the place where God and their passions have led them. Tamra loves her family, music, her dog, and learning about anything related to human behavior. Tamra has seen the impact that counseling can make in the lives of people and wholeheartedly believes in the mission of RPC.