Like many nonprofits, the “mountain” that Restoration Place Counseling often encounters is a financial mountain: How do we make sure we have the funds to provide the services of our organization?

In 2024, we are planning to complete 9,000 counseling sessions – more if we can grow our team! The need is great, and we are here to help meet it. Of those sessions, about half will be offered on our significantly-discounted sliding scale (lowest fee: $25) for clients who cannot afford the help they need. To offer that many sessions at this low cost, our team must raise between $30K – $40K each month to fill the gap. Not each year. Each month. When you do the math, you can see the mountain!

One way the mountain is moved is through individual donors who have chosen to invest in the mission of RPC through recurring/pledged monthly, quarterly or annual gifts, or through a one-time annual gift of $1,000 or more. This group of friends is who we lovingly call the RPC Mountain Movers Club. Their generosity helps move financial mountains so that our Counselors can move the emotional and spiritual mountains out of our clients’ lives.

Mountain Movers receive “Inside Scoop” emails from RPC’s Executive Director, as well as invitations to special Mountain Mover Gatherings – times when we get together to simply enjoy fellowship (and usually food!).

Gifts to RPC are tax-deductible.

Set up a monthly recurring donation online.