2023 GALA – OCTOBER 26

Join Restoration Place Counseling on Thursday, October 26th, for its 2nd Annual A Night of Restoration, featuring song, storytelling, and testimony of God’s goodness.

Festivities will kick off with a world-class Reception by Chef Shayne Taylor at the Greensboro Country Club, followed by a Special Performance of speaking and singing by Olivia Lane, singer/songwriter of the popular Christian song, Woman at the Well. Top level sponsors will also be invited to join Olivia and RPC’s Founder/CEO Cindy Mondello for an exclusive pre-show conversation in the GCC Ballroom. TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW. Click here.

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Meet Olivia Lane

Lane is a Houston-raised, Nashville-based independent singer/songwriter. After years of writing, recording and performing, Lane’s path took a dark turn in 2017, when the anxiety and stress she’d put herself through took a toll on her voice and mental health. Lane knew the way she was living and her self-view had to change. She went to therapy — vocal and physical — to relearn how to use her voice. Little did she know at the time that this self-avowed atheist would soon be using her voice to proclaim Jesus as her Lord. In 2021, she began sharing her “atheist to amen” story along with her newly released song, Woman at the Well. The song, which struck a massive chord with so many across social media, soon was hitting the radio airwaves on SiriusXM’s “The Message.”

Olivia Lane’s song Woman at the Well with the dramatized scene from The Chosen of the same biblical account on which it is based.