Restoring dignity, virtue and honor to girls and women through affordable and professional Christian counseling


“I am so grateful to Restoration Place and [my counselor]. My spiritual journey — nourishing my body and nurturing my soul — has come such a long way. With her guidance, encouragement, and knowledge, she has given me renewed hope and faith with practical tools to help me grow.  I would pay top dollar for the unmatched counseling services I have received from RPC, but the affordability allows me to come on a weekly basis. If it was more expensive, I wouldn’t be able to come as frequently. “(39 year old)


“Not only have I experienced huge progress but the exponential effect on my family is such a blessing!” (48 year old)


“I have more confidence in myself. I have been able to let go and gain forgiveness for things in my past. I would not have been able to afford counseling otherwise.” (20 year old)


“I have improved boundary setting, coping skills for anxiety, and ways to process anger. The affordability is huge for me and I love the flexible payment schedule. No other counseling place would I rather be. You have taken what most people complain about in mainstream counseling and made it into what people really want/seek. Staff is sweet and friendly. My counselor “gets” me, she listens and helps me see what I sometimes can’t see. It’s challenging and hard but I know it’s for the best.” (34 year old)


“I’ve been getting my eating under control with less stress. If it wasn’t for the cost here, I couldn’t get help.” (18 year old)


“I feel more confident, I am better organized, and have a better knowledge of myself. I wouldn’t be able to afford the help otherwise. Please keep growing and expanding staff! I love it here!!” (26 year old)


“I am calmer and more relaxed. I don’t freak out as much. I view my relationship with my family differently. I try not to take over roles that should belong to God. I am very thankful for the cost here. I don’t make much money and probably couldn’t come to RPC if I had to pay the regular price for counseling.” (24 year old)


“I am not as depressed and I am more functional in life. I could not afford counseling without RPC. There is no way I could afford individual counseling without Restoration Place Counseling. When I lost my insurance I was grateful that it did not affect my standing here. I thank God for sending me here to you, after being unable to seek help for many years due to financial limitations. “(54 year old)


“I am much more hopeful!! The low cost is HUGE! I would not be here otherwise.” (44 year old)


“I’ve seen tremendous growth in myself and decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression since I’ve been at RPC. I would not be able to afford counseling if the price was not as low. RPC has saved my life as well as helped to change it in a positive way. “(21 year old)


“I am happier, less stressed, less depressed, less anxious!! Praise God!!” (40 year old)


“I feel more confident in the decisions I am making. I feel that I have a voice and it should be heard by others. The affordability plays a huge role. I have put off counseling for a while due to the price elsewhere. Also to know that I can come to a safe, Christian environment to seek help is soooo refreshing. Keep doing what you are doing! This has been one of the best things I have done for myself lately. Knowing that people really care about you is invaluable.” (36 year old)


“I feel 100% better about myself, my spirituality, and my decisions since I started counseling here. My counselor is amazing! Since it is so affordable for me, I am able to attend sessions once a week which has made my life better in all aspects. “(28 year old)


“My anxiety has decreased and I’m learning how to deal with good communication. I’m a student so the student price made counseling possible. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to receive counseling. “(20 year old)


“I have blossomed as an individual. I am starting to feel better about myself than I did when I first came here. I am progressing toward change which is what I need. I am slowly beginning to start to know who I am. I am a college student so $20.00 is wonderful to have to pay. And it’s worth every penny. It is also not a struggle to have to make a decision between paying for counseling or buying food. I can afford both! Fits right in my budget!” (20 year old)


“My depression has lessened a lot and my thoughts of suicide have gone away. I would definitely want to come here because the counseling is amazing, regardless of the cost. “(17 year old)